February 21, 2018

The Program improves the energy efficiency of the lighting system of the interior of Delicias Market by substituting low-efficiency lighting system by high performance LED technology lights equipped with system regulation “DALI”. The installation is equipped with a lighting control system “Smart” designed under the KNX standard, allowing to regulate the lighting system in an autonomous form. This system allows to generate alarms due to intrusion, it detects movements and informs the system that it must turn on the corresponding lighting system and constant regulation: thanks to photocells, it constantly graduates the lighting levels as a function of the natural light. The expected savings were estimated at: 3.780 €, 17.200 kWh/year and 8.300 Kg CO2. The procurement was public and it was done based on the economic criteria. The funding was fully provided by the municipality. The awareness raising and communication was done using canvas banners with information for the general public (workers of the market, customers and visitors). The implementation of the project was conducted through the cooperation of a legal technician (advisor) and the energy technician.

Implemented by: Valladolid Local Government
Serapio García Carreras, e-mail: serapio@fermasaie.es‎;
Ascensión Ortega Martínez, e-mail: aortega@ava.es y scssc@ava.es
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the local level.
• the public sector doesn't use energy service companies, and energy performance contracting, to finance renovations and implement plans to maintain or improve energy efficiency in the long term (Art. 5)
• Consumer information and empowering programme (Art. 12)
• the wider public sector doesn't purchase energy efficient buildings, products and services at national level (Art. 6)
• there are no long-term energy performance contracts in place in the public sector (Art. 6)
• there are no tools/frameworks in place to assist the public sector in the procurement of energy efficient building, products and services (Art. 6)