LOCALES (Local Energy Saving), Italy

Kyoto Club is a non-profit organisation founded in February 1999. Its members are business companies, associations and local municipalities and governments engaged in reaching the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol, by the EU ones for 2030 and by the December 2015 Paris Agreement. The LOCALES (Local Energy Saving) is an energy service created by Kyoto Club, with the contribution of Cariplo Foundation in 2015.

Governance support for cogeneration installation in a public swimming pool, Italy

The municipality of Catania is the owner of a public swimming pool with high level of energy consumption. The objective of the project is to reduce the energy consumption through the installation of a cogeneration plant. This good practice is one of the measures carried out by the Municipality of Catania for SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) implementation.

Energy and environmental management in public buildings in the City of Czestochowa, Poland

One of the activities significantly improving energy efficiency in Poland is the operational programme “Energy and environmental management in public buildings of Częstochowa City”.

An energy clock integrated in a public building, France

As a local actor, the Municipality of Poissy has implemented national policies through the realization of the Agenda 21. The agenda was created between 2009 and 2011 and it took 3 years to be completely set up within the municipality and to carry out the first evaluations and improvements.

The Sustainable Construction Programme in Andalusia, Spain

The Sustainable Construction Programme in Andalusia is a combination of economic measures (subsidies and incentives) and other actions such as regulatory, training and fiscal, that seek, through energy saving and energy, and renewable energy, to promote the energy rehabilitation of buildings, urban rehabilitation, improve the competitiveness of companies of the construction sector, create skilled employment and reduce

Revolving energy saving fund Litomerice, Czech Republic

With  public  budgets  of  local  authorities  being  very  strained  in  the  Czech  Republic, there  is  a  strong  need  to  use  limited  financial  resources  in  a  smart  way. Before the revolving energy having fund was set-up, this was not the case.

Database for consumption of public buildings Brasov, Romania

Municipalities have to lead by example when it comes to energy efficient behaviour, in order to motivate all stakeholders and citizens on its territory to follow suit.

Energy saving in schools Bielsko-Biala, Poland

It is crucial to motivate citizens already at an early age to adopt energy efficient behaviours –especially children can then e.g. motivate their parents at home to do the same and follow what they have learnt in school.

Sustainable Energy Action Plans, France

As a local player, the Plaine Commune, created on 1 January 2016 within the Grand Paris metropolis, set up a Local Energy and Climate Agency (LECA, June 2012) to assist public and private actors in their energy saving and energy rehabilitation. The LECA Intends to contribute to the preservation of natural resources, the implementation of the energy transition and climate adaptation of the Plain Commune area.

Training Workshop, France

As a local actor, the territory of the "Grand Paris Seine Ouest" (GPSO) created, in conjunction with its energy division (GPSOe), a local energy agency (LEA), working with individuals, professionals and local authorities on its territory. It has put in place a local energy strategy.