Member states’ answer to low renewables ambition: Interim targets

(EurActiv, 1 Dec 2017) The European Parliament says the EU’s proposed 2030 target for renewable energy needs to be raised in order to speed up deployment early in the next decade. But EU member states have a different idea.

This week, the Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy voted to raise the proposed target for the share of renewables in the EU’s energy mix, from the Commission’s proposed 27% to 35%.

Cities urged to help cut global supply chain emissions

(Eco Business, 9 Nov 2017) Construction materials, buildings and transport are the main emitters of greenhouse gases at the city level - and their carbon footprint should be lowered, says a report.

Cities should try to slash the planet-warming gases pumped out beyond their own boundaries in the production of the vast quantities of goods and services they consume, researchers said.