Learning from experience and involving energy-citizens; two ways of improving energy-related policymaking

The purpose of this event is twofold

(1) share concrete experiences and raise discussions about the design of energy efficiency policies and their impacts;

(2) provide information and a discussion space around the transformation of the role of energy citizens and energy communities.

The event thus combines the top-down perspective of policy design and successes of policies with the bottom-up perspective of how to involve individuals in the implementation of energy policies and support them in the transformation to energy citizens.

From Here to There – the Path to Follow Leading on national long-term renovation strategies to upgrade our buildings

To lead on the clean energy transition and respect the Paris Agreement, the EU should embark on a decarbonisation path that puts Energy Efficiency First. In that framework, energy renovation of buildings is key, as it holds the biggest energy savings potential, and is also a strong job creator. The EU legislators agreed when they revised the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, as they introduced the objective to reach a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050.

Energy Plans and Roadmaps for Sustainable Future

The purpose of our seminar is to improve the capacity of forerunners of sustainable energy/transport sector to roadmap the energy transition in European communities. The seminar sets on the wider background of the challenges that EU communities are facing on energy planning. Increasing need for the coordination between the different priorities (social, environmental, technological) and disciplines (transport and logistics, ICT, commerce etc) requires further advancements on planning.