Given this complexity and multiplicity of contents, users, and potential applications,
the Platform www.publenef-toolbox.eu  offers nine entry gates:

  • Home page: offers a first contact with the contents of the Platform, and redirects users to the other entry gates;
  • MatchMakingwEEb (very advance Search engine): the focal point of the Platform, actually a very advance multi-criteria search engine allows a detailed search and match needs expressed by user with Tools and resources of the Platform with multiple criteria and keywords;
  • Lear from Best Practices: for advance users searching example of implementation of action plans and replication models;
  • How‐To use this Platform  guidelines: help users understand how they can access resources  of the Toolbox;
  • About PUBLEnEf project landing pages: with short introduction to works done by the project consortium and redirection to the project website for those interested in project works;
  • EE themes landing pages: provide a soft landing for newcomers, introducing EE Directive topics tailored to the group of actors that the user belongs;
  • Self‐selection tools (surf of all tools collection): for advance user’s own professional practice and expertise searching for specific tool by keywords;
  • News and Events: offer training opportunities, resources for designing customized training, channels to access Community of Practice (blog, forum, events), and dissemination materials to advocate on EE for those more familiarized with this concept.
  • Ask Expert:  channels to access Community of Practice, community of registered users, experts ready to act as guide for user to find solutions at those need do not match with registered tools on this Platform

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