Energy management Information system (EMIS), Croatia

EMIS is a web application for monitoring and analysis of energy and water consumption data in public sector buildings and as such provides a transparent overview and control of energy consumption in all public sector buildings that makes it an inevitable tool for Systematic Energy Management in the Public sector. Data contained in EMIS are used for many energy performance calculations, analysis and continuous oversight and control of energy usage.

The Francilian Energy Bill, France

Tool developed within the framework of the Ile-de-France region's support missions on improving regional energy knowledge, to better understand data on consumption and production of energy.
This new indicator developed by the ARENE translates energy consumption data into monetary data (euro), in order to analyze the economic impact of energy consumption.

Display, France

Display is a communication tool complementary to the national certificate for public buildings that today has most of the Member States. With emphasis on local communication campaigns and providing a variety of communication tools, Display exceeds the requirements of the Directive on the energy of buildings (EPBD) Performance. In particular, post 'evolution' to show efforts and improving the energy efficiency of a building, by including on the same post the energy performance of the building on two years.

11 energy-saving assessment methodologies, Bulgaria

11 energy-saving assessment methodologies are used to assess the amount of energy saved as a result of the implementation of specific energy efficiency measures. They include a mechanism to allocate energy savings to each year of the lifetime of the measure concerned.