PremiumLight-Pro LED Street Lighting Procurement & Design - Guidelines

The following tool has been developed in the frame of the PremiumLight-Pro project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

While implementation of LED in the outdoor lighting market is proceeding, broad market penetration has not yet been achieved. Furthermore, there is still large potential for improving local and national policies supporting the implementation of LED lighting systems.

Examples of implemented lighting refurbishment projects

This tool is a collection of 50 descriptions of street lighting and indoor lighting refurbishment projects. The projects were implemented in 8 countries in the context of the Streetlight-EPC project. The majority of the projects were implemented using various forms of EPC (Energy Performance Contracting). The collection consists of a 2-page description for each project with key data, results and photos.

Supporting the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Policies through Technical Assistance and Roadmaps
During this webinar, the European Commission’s and the European Investment Bank’s offer of technical assistance will be presented in detail.
Public lighting diagnostic tool, France

Who: representatives of communities, technical services.
What: first approach to financial and energy savings achievable in the case of renovation
How to: comparison between the current state of the heritage of the community and the material by which she might have to replace it

OPEPA is intended to provide a comparison between the hardware on the lighting of a community and that by which she could replace it. It allows to give an overview of the financial and energy savings achievable in the case of renovation.

How do I use OPEPA ?

Iluminación eficiente en edificios, Spain

Technical guidelines on Energy efficiency in lighting in different type of buildings: offices, educational centers and hospitals.