August 7, 2017

This is a tool developed by WWF with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Fundación Biodiversidad. Its use is aimed at estimating in a simplified way the energy consumption in the households. The objective of the collaboration is to contribute to boost the market for energy rehabilitation of buildings and the promotion of renewable energies through distributed generation and self-consumption. This tool is targeted to the general public, uses a simplified approach to estimate the energy consumption and provides recommendations to save energy in households. Exemplary applications of the tool are not provided.

The tool uses climatic data for Spain.
Needs Addressed
• insufficient information on training possibilities (art. 17)
• insufficient information on technical tools (art. 17)
• lack of in-house expertise about energy technologies (art. 17)
• absence of other tools supporting EE measures development (art. 17)
• absence of support organisations in your territory addressing energy efficiency matters (art. 17)
• support organisations have insufficient competency and knowledge (art. 17)
Validation/testing information