COMBI Charts

The following tool has been developed in the frame of the COMBI project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The COMBI project aimed at quantifying the multiple non-energy benefits of energy efficiency in the EU-28 area. It gathered existing approaches and evidence from the EU area and developed modelling approaches for impacts on

ODYSSEE-MURE Energy Saving Tool

This tool has been developed in the frame of the ODYSSEE-MURE project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.


The following tool has been developed in the frame of the Enerinvest project which has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme. 

ENERINTOOL enables you to find the best financing scheme for sustainable energy projects or the most appropriate project to invest.

RE-SEEties energy forecasting tool

The RE-SEEties tool is a set of energy forecasting equations that was developed by CRES in the framework of the RE-SEEties project (SEE Programme). Its aim is to estimate future energy needs which can be fed into the ICLEI tool in order to calculate emissions also for future years. For the residential, commercial and transport sectors a series of equations have been developed by CRES to estimate future needs. If necessary longer term projections correction of emission factors may also be provided.

Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP), Bulgaria

LEAP (Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System)- software tool for energy policy analysis and climate change mitigation assessment.  LEAP is an integrated, scenario-based modeling tool that can be used to track energy consumption, production and resource extraction in all sectors of an economy. 

Handbook Guide through a Green office, Croatia

The Handbook Guide to the Green Office deals with one of the most important environmental issues of the 21st century - how everyday office work can contribute to reducing overall environmental impact and increase the use of other resources for the benefit of employees and the wider community. The purpose of introducing a green office and green business to the organization is the contribution to the application of the principle of sustainable development in the business sector.

The Francilian Energy Bill, France

Tool developed within the framework of the Ile-de-France region's support missions on improving regional energy knowledge, to better understand data on consumption and production of energy.
This new indicator developed by the ARENE translates energy consumption data into monetary data (euro), in order to analyze the economic impact of energy consumption.

The Territorial Energy Bill/Energy Scoreboard, France

Provides a financial transposition of energy consumption data across territories + sectoral studies for a more detailed analysis.
Allows a better understanding of the energy impacts of tertiary businesses in the Île-de-France region ; estimates energy savings potential and the potential cost of consuming less.

Public lighting diagnostic tool, France

Who: representatives of communities, technical services.
What: first approach to financial and energy savings achievable in the case of renovation
How to: comparison between the current state of the heritage of the community and the material by which she might have to replace it

OPEPA is intended to provide a comparison between the hardware on the lighting of a community and that by which she could replace it. It allows to give an overview of the financial and energy savings achievable in the case of renovation.

How do I use OPEPA ?

Guia basica de redes de calor y frio, Spain

The purpose of this guide is to promote and disseminate the technology of district heating and / or cooling networks, as well as to advise the potential promoters of this type of installations from a methodology that establishes the criteria that should be considered when designing a district network. In addition to this "basic guide", the Integrated Guide for the development of district heating and cooling networks has been developed.