October 12, 2017

Energy efficiency is the ‘no regret’ solution to reduce the European Union’s dependence on energy imports and fighting climate change, while featuring multiple benefits. Yet, the potential is underexploited. The EU’s 30% energy efficiency target foreseen for 2030 could only be reached as a result of effective multi-level governance between local, regional and national authorities. Such cooperation is especially valuable in private building renovations, which could contribute massively to these targets, while creating local jobs, boosting GDP, raising quality of life and keeping money at home.

This European event is organised in the framework of the PUBLEnEf project, aiming at assessing needs of local and regional authorities in terms of financing their sustainable energy projects, with a special focus on private buildings renovation. A second purpose of the event is to link those seeking to implement projects with those who can provide for financing or enable their implementation in other ways.

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