October 2, 2017
Start date - End date

Marathon 2020 – Community of Bucharest District 1 is planned to be the first energy efficient community in Romania by 2020. The Second pillar of the project includes large scale application of buildings renovation in residential private own buildings – TRP 1 and TRP 2 (Thermal Rehabilitation Program). In period 2009 - 2016 the District 1 Bucharest Municipality developed a large scale intervention on all residential privately owned multifamily apartment buildings. 850 buildings in total were upgraded from class G to B or A class. The result is the most extended renovation program on buildings in Romania with inside comfort increasing and decreasing energy consumption by 50% target. Approximately 80,000 apartments were renovated. In order to achieve the objectives, Municipality established Energy Efficiency Agency in 2007 with energy experts delivering support also for other municipalities.

Implemented by: City of Bucharest Sector 1
Razvan Munteanu, Primaria Sector 1 Bucuresti, e-mail: razvan.munteanu@primarias1.ro ; Tel: +40 21 319 1013
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the local level.
• no EE policy public sector strategic goals with defined targets at national level (Art. 3)
• There are no policies that encourage to take into account the potential of efficient heating an cooling systems, in particular those using high-efficiency cogeneration, at the local and regional levels(Art. 4)
• financing facilities are not established for energy efficiency improvement measures
(Art. 20)