April 30, 2018

The ENERGY + CNR project is one of the winning projects (1st place) of the Innovation Award of the National Research Council, set up in 2013 on the occasion of the celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the CNR. The project aims to improve the energy management service of the CNR with the participation of employees. The main topics are the Technological Actions (consumption monitoring, energy audits, and data collection, and analysis on buildings and plants) and the Behavioural Actions (in order to stimulate more awareness on energy efficiency topics). About the technological aspect, the project provides tools to improve monitoring of energy consumption of the CNR utilities and facilitate the collection of energy data of buildings, plants, laboratories, and facilities. This information is essential to perform energy audits of utilities and to prepare an energy efficiency implementation plan. CNR creates a dedicated platform for consumption monitoring and the collection of energy data. In addition, from the behavioural side, the project encourages active participation in energy saving through good individual behaviour.

Implemented by: ENEA
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the national level.
• individual public bodies aren't aware of their progress towards their energy efficiency targets (Art. 24)
• there are no implications to the public sector where targets are not being met
(Art. 24)
• insufficient information on energy technologies (Art. 17)
• consumer information and empowering programme (Art. 12)