August 17, 2018

The following tool has been developed in the frame of the EDI_Net project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

In the case studies section, here is what can be found

Critical requirements for smart meter regulation from municipalities

EDI-Net collected evidence that municipalities are restricted from or have limited access to smart metering data recorded in their buildings. 

Overview of Smart Metering in Germany, Spain and the UK

The current activities on European and national level focus mostly on the residential sector, ignoring the potential impact on already existing infrastructure of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and energy management systems having achieved savings for over a decade especially by municipalities leading by example. 

Recruiting citizens to use ICT for saving energy in public buildings:

The use of new technologies to save energy is a challenge. 


EDI-Net assists in building your city's or region's capacity to more effectively implement sustainable energy policies. Therefore it is analysing short time series metered energy and water data from public buildings, from renewable energy systems and from building energy management systems (BEMNS) in order to reduce energy consumption and to save money. Our initiative can help monitor the implementation of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans or your city's or region's local Climate Protection Plans. It can also help set financial budgets for energy and water consumption. Three Key Demonstration Sites - Catalonia (Spain)Leicester (UK) and Nuremberg (Germany) - will share their knowledge and experience with you.