Life IP “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for the Lesser Poland Region – the Lesser Poland Voivodship in a healthy atmosphere, Poland

The LIFE programme finances innovative ideas concerned with environmental protection in Europe, including

Accelerating the renovation of the Bulgarian building stock, Bulgaria

The long-term roadmap for development of the Bulgarian renovation programme for residential buildings. Following the implementation of the programme’s first phase, the analysis argues for a shift in focus towards achieving higher energy classes, reduction of public subsidy in a measured and manageable manner. Several scenarios to 2030 were modelled and reducing subsidies to around 75% is possible. The funding could reach more citizens, improving their homes and quality of life.

Handbook Guide through a Green office, Croatia

The Handbook Guide to the Green Office deals with one of the most important environmental issues of the 21st century - how everyday office work can contribute to reducing overall environmental impact and increase the use of other resources for the benefit of employees and the wider community. The purpose of introducing a green office and green business to the organization is the contribution to the application of the principle of sustainable development in the business sector.

The Territorial Energy Bill/Energy Scoreboard, France

Provides a financial transposition of energy consumption data across territories + sectoral studies for a more detailed analysis.
Allows a better understanding of the energy impacts of tertiary businesses in the Île-de-France region ; estimates energy savings potential and the potential cost of consuming less.

11 energy-saving assessment methodologies, Bulgaria

11 energy-saving assessment methodologies are used to assess the amount of energy saved as a result of the implementation of specific energy efficiency measures. They include a mechanism to allocate energy savings to each year of the lifetime of the measure concerned.