August 11, 2017

Provides a financial transposition of energy consumption data across territories + sectoral studies for a more detailed analysis.
Allows a better understanding of the energy impacts of tertiary businesses in the Île-de-France region ; estimates energy savings potential and the potential cost of consuming less.

However the indicator builds on the work of the regional observatory of energy and greenhouse gases (ROSE)as well as on the partnership between ARENE and energy distributors such as ErDF and GrDF.
Needs Addressed
• insufficient information on training possibilities (art. 17)
• insufficient information on technical tools (art. 17)
• lack of in-house expertise about technical tools (art. 17)
• absence of other tools supporting energy efficiency measures development (art. 17)
• absence of support organisations in your territory addressing energy efficiency matters (art. 17)
• support organisations have unsufficient competency and knowledge (art. 17)
• individual public bodies aren't aware of their progress towards their energy efficiency targets (art. 24)
• there are no implications to the public sector where targets are not being met (art. 24)
Validation/testing information