April 9, 2018

The LIFE programme finances innovative ideas concerned with environmental protection in Europe, including

integrated projects, which have become the fundamental element of widespread strategies for environmental protection. The project coordinated by the Lesser Poland Voivodship engages 62 partners. Its main goal is the implementation of solutions aimed at increasing air quality which were proposed in the Program for Air Protection for the Lesser Poland Voivodship. The main goal of the LIFE IP project is the implementation of the assumptions of the air quality plan for the Lesser Poland Voivodship. The projects is the first of its kind in Poland, making it one of the few countries engaged in such an initiative. Integrated projects are still a new practice even in Europe. In Poland the implementation of air quality plans is at a negligible level. The LIFE project challenges the main barriers opposing the implementation of remedial actions possibly leading to increased resident awareness and air quality.

Implemented by: Lesser Region
Piotr Lyczko, e-mail: Piotr.Lyczko@umwm.pl
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the regional level.
• Insufficient information on training possibilities (Art. 17)