RE-SEEties energy forecasting tool

The RE-SEEties tool is a set of energy forecasting equations that was developed by CRES in the framework of the RE-SEEties project (SEE Programme). Its aim is to estimate future energy needs which can be fed into the ICLEI tool in order to calculate emissions also for future years. For the residential, commercial and transport sectors a series of equations have been developed by CRES to estimate future needs. If necessary longer term projections correction of emission factors may also be provided.

Green procurement handbook (GPP)

The handbook gives the strategic framework and help public authorities buy goods and services with a lower environmental impact.

Green procurement handbook (GPP) for office equipment

This handbook gives detailed description of the parameters that must have in mind when prepare and evaluate the public procurement for office equipment.

Pellets energy calculator, Hungary

Pellets energy calculator- The energy calculator is intended to provide  information about the cost difference between conventional fuels and the use  of pellet firing. The calculation determines the approximate heat demand of the building and the annual specific energy consumption of specific geometry of the building, the general data of the thermal boundary and structures.
Thus, the heat demand calculation is only an accurate order of merit, however, sufficient energy prices differencing exact branch enter the expected heating costs.

Handbook Energy Audit in SMEs, Hungary

The Handbook is conceived as a tool for the energy auditors while visiting the client’s premises, and during the analysis and diagnosis phases. The Handbook is focused on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which do not have an internal specialist for energy management and need an external support not only for the diagnostics but also for designing the main measures, selecting the necessary suppliers and supervise the implementation works.

Energy calculator, Hungary

On- line calculator - Tool for energy audit with possibility to calculate payback period. The calculator is on Hungarian language, according to the Hungarian energy efficiency targets. You can input the type, size and material of the building, heating system, lighting, heating system, annual energy and water consumption and other parameters to calculate the payback period for investment in new equipment. 

WinWatt software, Hungary

WinWatt software can be used for Energy audits. The software is specifically designed according to the Hungarian regulations. The description is only in Hungarian. With a language extension the program may manage in English, and the calculations documentation is done in English too.