FAQs on LED streetlight refurbishment and EPC

This 4-page PDF document contains a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers on streetlight refurbishment with EPC (Energy Performance Contract). the questions were compiled by the EPC facilitation services set un in the context of the Streetlight-EPC project. The EU-Project Streetlight-EPC, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, ran from April 2014 to March 2017 with the objective of triggering the market uptake of EPC through street lighting refurbishment projects.

Energy efficiency improvement in the lighting in Mercado de Delicias, Spain

The Program improves the energy efficiency of the lighting system of the interior of Delicias Market by substituting low-efficiency lighting system by high performance LED technology lights equipped with system regulation “DALI”. The installation is equipped with a lighting control system “Smart” designed under the KNX standard, allowing to regulate the lighting system in an autonomous form.

Integrating ‘sustainability’ in all departments, Netherlands

Implemented by: Municipality of The Hague / Den Haag

CO2 calculator, Bulgaria

The CO2 calculator developed by EAP is a software tool to support local authorities in translating the types of fuel used by the local authorities into energy and CO2 units. It covers hard and liquid fuels. Its emission factors are based on the national requirements and are periodically updated.