October 10, 2017

SMIV  is the first Monitoring and Verification Platform developed as an online application that incorporates National Energy Efficiency Action Plans, Regional and Local Energy Efficiency Action Plans and planning instruments together with specially devised tools that allow all users to generate reports, plans and calculations of their energy savings under the same unified methodology, defined by EU principles. Data contained in SMIV is used for many energy savings calculations, analysis and continuous overview of achieved National energy efficiency targets. SMIV is based on the bottom-up methodology and is used on a local and national level to calculate energy savings in three main sectors: Building, Industry, and Transport. Croatian Energy Efficiency Act defines SMiV as the national System for monitoring, measurement, and verification of energy savings. With this tool Croatia is reporting energy savings regarding Article 3, 5 and 7 of the EED.

SMIV tool could be transferred to other EU countries with minor changes to bottom up algorithms and language
Needs Addressed
• insufficient information on training possibilities (art. 17)
• insufficient information on technical tools (art. 17)
• lack of in-house expertise about technical tools (art. 17)
• absence of other tools supporting energy efficiency measures development (art. 17)
• absence of support organisations in your territory addressing energy efficiency matters (art. 17)
• support organisations have unsufficient competency and knowledge (art. 17)
• national monitoring and reporting isn't undertaken to demonstrate progress achieved towards national energy efficiency targets (art. 24)
• regional and local monitoring and reporting isn't undertaken to demonstrate process achieved towards regional or local energy efficiency targets (art. 24)
• individual public bodies aren't aware of their progress towards their energy efficiency targets (art. 24)
Validation/testing information
Josip Kobescak (josip.kobescak@cei.hr)