August 20, 2018

The following tool has been developed in the frame of the RescoopMECISE project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The project results are formalised in deliverables for reporting purposes. Some of these files are public, others are private.

REScoop MECISE stands for Renewable Energy Cooperatives Mobilizing European Citizens to Invest in Sustainable Energy and refers to a Horizon 2020 project in which six fairly large energy co-ops link renewable energy projects to energy efficiency and foster collaborations with cities and municipalities. 

The main ambitions of REScoop MECISE are:

  • to develop an investment portfolio leading to over 110 million euros investments in renewable energy projects (wind, photovoltaics, biomass, hydro) and energy efficiency. 
  • to reach out to local municipalities and help them implement their sustainable energy action plans by taking energy effiency measures in public buildings.
  • to facilitate energy effiency investments in the homes of citizens who are members of local energy cooperatives.
  • to establish a dedicated financing tool to help local energy cooperatives finance RES and EE projects.