August 7, 2017

Series of Technical Guidelines developed by IDAE, the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, with the objective of increasing energy efficiency of the thermal installations in buildings. These documents are addressed to designers, installers, maintainers, inspectors and users of thermal installations of buildings, and have been recognized as official documents of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE). This new regulation establishes the requirements for achieving thermal and hygienic welfare through heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water, and for rationalizing the use of energy. There are 22 guidelines addressing heating, cooling and water heating installations.

Translation to other languages has to be done.
Needs Addressed
• there aren't any policy which encourage the due taking into account at local and regional levels of the potential of using efficient heating and cooling systems, in particular those using high-efficiency cogeneration (art. 14)
• insufficient information on training possibilities (art. 17)
• insufficient information on energy technologies (art. 17)
• insufficient information on technical tools (art. 17)
• lack of in-house expertise about energy technologies (art. 17)
• lack of in-house expertise about technical tools (art. 17)
• absence of guidelines & handbooks supporting energy efficiency measures development (art. 17)
• absence of support organisations in your territory addressing energy efficiency matters (art. 17)
• support organisations have insufficient competency and knowledge (art. 17)
Validation/testing information
Instituto para la Diversificacion y Ahorro de Energía (IDAE) -