April 11, 2018

"Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment. These measures can then be built in to sustainable energy policies and plans, and their national and local implementation progress can be monitored periodically.

The Data Access Guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans has been developed for:

- Public Authorities that are seeking better access to local, accurate energy data within their territory for use in sustainable energy planning;

-  Energy Planning Facilitators wishing to support the development of advanced collaboration models between public authorities and data providers such as a Regional Data Centre or Energy Observatory; and

-  Energy Data Providers willing to play a positive role in the development and implementation of Regional and Local Energy Policies."

The tool can be easily transferred (translation available on 10 languages) see more at http://www.data4action.eu
Needs Addressed
• no energy modelling of future public sector energy trends has been undertaken at national level (art. 3)
• insufficient information on technical tools (art. 17)
• regional and local monitoring and reporting isn't undertaken to demonstrate process achieved towards regional or local energy efficiency targets (art. 24)
Validation/testing information
Florin Andronescu (office@alea.ro )
Funding description
Data4Action is a project co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union