April 11, 2018

"This document is delivered according to project co-funded by the IEE, MESHARTILITY (measurement and data distribution utilities for the Covenant of Mayors). Based on the findings made in the project and changes in the course of it, this document offers recommendations to facilitate the efficient exchange of data between utilities and local authorities. This report focuses on the experiences and lessons learned from the project through participation of municipalities, utility providers and support structures. It is based on a document delivered previously, “D2.7 document policy recommendations for discussion with EU and National Institutions", which formed the basis of discussion at the second European Round Table, and subsequent consultations with stakeholders. More in-depth views from these consultations were used to complete this report 5.4: Document policies and recommendations for EU policy makers.

The recommendations are often implemented through a number of mechanisms, such as by strengthening EU directives existing, developing new EU directive, or by transposing EU directives into national laws of Member States, or through the development of standards and national legislation, or even regulatory and financial incentives, as well as industry standards and other voluntary initiatives."

The tool can be easily transferred (translation available on 11 languages) see more at http://www.meshartility.eu
Needs Addressed
• insufficient information on training possibilities (art. 17)
• absence of guidelines & handbooks supporting energy efficiency measures development (art. 17)
• absence of support organizations in your territory addressing energy efficiency matters (art. 17)
• support organizations have insufficient competency and knowledge (art. 17)
• inadequate information on best energy efficiency practices (art. 17)
Validation/testing information
Ion dogeanu (ion.dogeanu@managenergy.ro)
Funding description
Project co-founded by Intelligent Energy Europe Programm