Energy Efficiency Directive: Information and Training (as it relates to Article 17)

Aislamiento en edificios 2: Guías Técnicas para la Rehabilitación de la Envolvente Térmica de los Edificios, Spain

Collection of technical guides focused on each type of insulation material. They are complementary to the general information provided by the previous Divulgative Guide and are aimed at professionals in the building sector, with more detailed information on the technical level.

Guías Técnicas de Ahorro y Eficiencia Energética en Climatización, Spain

Series of Technical Guidelines developed by IDAE, the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, with the objective of increasing energy efficiency of the thermal installations in buildings. These documents are addressed to designers, installers, maintainers, inspectors and users of thermal installations of buildings, and have been recognized as official documents of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE).

Display, France

Display is a communication tool complementary to the national certificate for public buildings that today has most of the Member States. With emphasis on local communication campaigns and providing a variety of communication tools, Display exceeds the requirements of the Directive on the energy of buildings (EPBD) Performance. In particular, post 'evolution' to show efforts and improving the energy efficiency of a building, by including on the same post the energy performance of the building on two years.