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EPCheck (version 4.02), Netherlands


The EPCheck software helps in a simple way to check whether an EPC calculation doesn't contain major errors.

Marathon 2020 – Community of Bucharest District 1 to be the first energy efficient community in Romania by 2020


The promoter of this project is the Municipality of Sector 1 Bucharest and the final beneficiaries are the residents of Bucharest.

Covenant capaCITY SEAP training tool


Capacity building of local government to take action regarding climate change and energy sources - from planning and action monitoring - is the primary goal of this tool.

Energiebenchmark gemeentelijk vastgoed, Netherlands


The 'energiebenchmark gemeentelijk vastgoed' (energy benchmark for municipal real estate) aims to provide insights in the energy use of municipality-owned buildings

The Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System (TIMES)


TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System) is an economic model generator for local, national or multi -regional energy systems, which provides a technology-rich basis for estimati

Energy checking tool


Standardised easy-to-use energy check tool (energy audit) for SMEs in five different crafts: Bulgarian carpenters, German bakers, Greek bricklayer/glass producer/ painter producer

Green Public Procurement (GPP) technical database


The Green Public Procurement technical database is a database with template of technical terms for purchase of green products/s

Green procurement handbook (GPP) for office equipment


This handbook gives detailed description of the parameters that must have in mind when prepare and evaluate the public procurement for office equipment.