April 30, 2018

The Sustainable Construction Programme in Andalusia is a combination of economic measures (subsidies and incentives) and other actions such as regulatory, training and fiscal, that seek, through energy saving and energy, and renewable energy, to promote the energy rehabilitation of buildings, urban rehabilitation, improve the competitiveness of companies of the construction sector, create skilled employment and reduce energy poverty. The programme is developed with the participation of companies, mostly SMEs, liaising with the Agency in the management and processing of incentives, which facilitates the administrative procedures for final users to request incentives. In total, within this Programme there are more than 8,300 collaborating partner companies throughout Andalusia. The aim of the project is achieving a low carbon economy in Andalusia and a more sustainable and environmentally respectful construction model, in line with the EU’s objectives.

Implemented by: Agencia Andaluza de la Energia, Junta de Andalucía
Joaquin VILLAR RODRIGUEZ, e-mail: joaquin.villar@juntadeandalucia.es
Website: https://www.agenciaandaluzadelaenergia.es
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the regional level.
• financing facilities aren't established for energy efficiency improvement measures (Art. 20)
• European financial institutions aren't utilized for financing and technical support schemes (Art. 20)
• there isn’t any financial institution which acts as EE National Fund (Art. 20)
• innovative financing mechanisms aren't used (Art. 20)