April 9, 2018

Numerous initiatives for increasing awareness about energy efficiency are held yearly in Poland. In 2016 the

voivodship of Lesser Poland organised a campaign aimed at raising consumers’ awareness of energy efficient solutions and their benefits. As part of the ongoing efforts for increasing energy efficiency in Poland, the Lesser Poland Voivodship introduced the promotional pack on energy efficiency campaign. The main goal of the project was promoting energy saving solutions. Throughout the campaign, they handed out promotional packs on energy efficiency to the local consumers. Each promotional pack contained two LED light bulbs, a radiator reflector screen, a faucet aerator for the sink or bathroom, a shower flow regulator, and an informational brochure. The effort was aimed at promoting individual energy efficiency in residential households. As predicted the project increased social awareness promoting energy efficiency and energy savings. The residents responded very favourably to the educational campaign and appreciated being provided with materials allowing them to implement simple energy-efficient solutions in their households.

Implemented by: Lesser Poland Voivodship
Piotr Lyczko, e-mail: Piotr.Lyczko@umwm.pl
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the regional level.
• Consumer information and empowering programme (Art. 12)
• innovative financing mechanisms are not used (Art. 20)