April 30, 2018

Several European municipalities and regions have already committed themselves to the principles of the passive house (maximum heating and cooling requirements of 15 kWh/m²a in new buildings). The experiences of these regions, or PassREgs, have helped pave the way for other UE regions to reach the 2020 energy targets. Border regions that had implemented effective and cost-effective strategies were highlighted. The models used to promote the implementation of PassREg concepts have been adapted and applied in the emerging regions. The experiments were introduced into a set of web based solutions tools that made best practices accessible to advance the large-scale adoption of new PassErg across the U.E. The introduction of the experiences in the web tools was possible thanks to the realization of the project BEACON, which aimed to integrate the technologies of networks virtualization with the technologies of data centers. Applications will have an integrated interface to specify their QoS requirements.

Implemented by: Gaborovo Municipality
Desislava Koleva, Chief Expert, Covenant Coordinator, e-mail: desislava@gabrovo.bg
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the local level.
• there aren't any policy which encourage the due taking into account at local and regional levels of the potential of using efficient heating and cooling systems, in particular those using high-efficiency cogeneration (Art. 4)