April 18, 2018
Start date - End date

Implemented by: Energikontor Sydost AB  

Night walks are on-site energy surveys held at times when businesses are closed to the public. Energy experts conduct the survey with a view to identifying areas of energy waste within a business, in order that a bespoke action plan can be produced and implemented so as to enable direct and significant energy savings. The project has raised awareness about energy efficiency in the retail industry. Most managers and decision-makers know that reducing costs can increase profit, but they do not realize that every day that passes without energy savings costs money. Some of them (both in shops, shopping centres and retail parks) have limited interested in energy efficiency because they do not see its economic potential. Therefore, it was important to show the concrete potential savings that exist in their premises. The method of Night Walks was initiated by the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden and has been developed and performed in collaboration between eight European partners (Sweden, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, France, United Kingdom). It can be adapted in small buildings and in larger premises and not just limited to the retail sector.

Lena Eckerberg, Project Manager Energikontor Sydost AB - Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)73-440 82 75, e-mail: lena.eckerberg@energikontorsydost.se
Funding description
The realistic investments for achieving shortest payback periods is € 0.9M and the planned target needed for all economically feasible energy efficiency measures is € 6M.
Economic effect
The main results were:
- The target “number of trained persons” were exceeded by 46%, in total 1523 persons were trained during 119 trainings. A rich training material is available online with a handbook, slides, mini-documentary, on line calculators, case studies and best practice;
- 1523 persons attended the trainings in total whereof 345 can be consider to be energy hunters;
- In total 123 Night Walks were performed. 75% of the participating shopping centres/shops/retail parks follows one of more energy advice given;
- On average the potential energy savings are around 10%. The energy savings, is generating a decreased based upon an emission factor for electricity is estimated to 13860 MWh/year which corresponds to 4135 tons of CO2 emissions per year;
- Savings of 2,220,000 € per year for the participating companies.
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the local level.
• Consumer information and empowering programme (Art. 12)
• Insufficient information on training possibilities (Art. 17)
• Insufficient in-house expertise about training (Art. 17)