February 18, 2018
Start date - End date

Implemented by: Energy Agency of the Zlín Region

The  Energy  Agency  of  the  Zlín  Region  (EAZK)  has  been  carrying  out  a  procurement  process for purchasing  bulk  energy  for  the organisations established  by  the  Zlín  Region  since  2007.  Through the coordinated process, considerable results have been achieved, especially concerning savings on energy bills. This action is the example of a functional model of multilevel governance, in which a region provides independent technical capacity and expertise through its own organisation (energy agency), and municipalities provide their technical and energy data suitable for monitoring and more effective energy planning on both municipal and regional level. As a directly measured impact, the model of the joint procurement for purchasing bulk energy generates considerable savings suitable for further investments to the energy efficiency or RES development on both regional and municipal level.

Tomáš Perutka, Energy agency of the Zlín Region, Tel.: +420 577 043 945, e-mail: tomas.perutka@eazk.cz
Funding description
The cost of the action is 1 full time job equivalent, all activities have been provided by the EAZK staff and within the budget of the COOPENERGY project designed for the EAZK and financed both from the IEE Programme and the Zlín Region.
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the regional and local level.
• the central government in your country doesn't purchase energy efficient buildings, products and services (Art. 6)
• the wider public sector doesn't purchase energy efficient buildings, products and services at national level (Art. 6)
• there are no long-term energy performance contracts in place in the public sector (Art. 6)
• there are no tools/frameworks in place to assist the public sector in the procurement of energy efficient building, products and services (Art. 6)