April 16, 2018

The implementation of the “Exoikonomo” program is in the main part of the national energy strategy in the

framework of planning and promotion of energy efficiency actions. Two phases (call for proposals) have been realised: Exoikonomo I & II. In the above framework, the Municipality of Likovrisi-Pefki implemented two projects for improving the energy efficiency in four (4) buildings: Energy retrofitting of two (2) public schools and of the centre for protection of elderly people in Pefki have been implemented within the EXOIKONOMO I framework while similar works in one (1) more public school in Likovrisi were supported by the EXOIKONOMO II programme. Both projects included the following technical interventions: thermal insulation in all buildings of the 3 public schools and the centre for protection of elderly people, replacement of window frames with energy efficient ones and improvement of electromechanical equipment (BMS, LED lamps, etc.). The two projects were implemented at the same time and were concluded by Feb 2016.

Implemented by: Municipality of Likovrisi-Pefki
Vassiliki Amenta, e-mail: b.amenta@likovrisipefki.gr
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the local level.
• the government has no programme in place to carry out energy efficient
renovations on at least 3% of the buildings they own and occupy by floor area (Art. 5)