April 18, 2018
Start date - End date

Implemented by: Agencija za pravni promet i posredovanje nekretninama

EMIS is a web application for monitoring and analysis of energy and water consumption data in public sector buildings and as such provides a transparent overview and control of energy consumption in all public sector buildings that makes it an inevitable tool for Systematic Energy Management in the Public sector. Data contained in EMIS are used for many energy performance calculations, analysis and continuous overview and control of energy usage. This leads to an easier identification of potential measures of energy efficiency improvements, development of local energy efficiency improvement plans, implementation of projects that deliver energy and financial savings and at the end to monitoring and verification of achieved results. For each building of the public sector experts responsible for energy management gather and enter relevant data and information in EMIS. Once the data is in the system, EMIS application enables easy access by login from any computer with Internet access by typing your own username and password.

APN – Agencija za pravni promet i posredovanje nekretninama, Savska cesta 41/VI, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, e-mail: marin.mastilica@apn.hr
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the national level.
• individual public bodies aren't aware of their progress towards their energy efficiency targets (Art. 24)
• there are no implications to the public sector where targets are not being met
(Art. 24)
• there isn't any programme for monitoring energy efficiency levels at national level (Art. 5)
• the government hasn't any programme in place to carry out energy efficient renovations on at least 3% of the buildings they own and occupy by floor area
(Art. 5)