April 30, 2018

Municipalities have to lead by example when it comes to energy efficient behaviour, in order to motivate all stakeholders and citizens on its territory to follow suit. If municipalities are committed to reduce their energy consumption and subsequently their climate footprint and demonstrate this effectively to their people, the likelihood increases that they can be mobilized to play their part in driving forward energy efficiency. In Brasov, the local energy agency ABMEE established between 2005 - 2014 an innovative instrument that monitors energy and water consumption in 120 municipal buildings. The data was gathered in real-time and provided on a regular basis to local decision-makers. In the same time as the monitoring, also education was undertaken by ABMEE – in cooperation with local academia – to inform municipal buildings’ staff about energy efficient behaviours and how these can be easily implemented in their daily lives.

Implemented by: Local energy agency ABMEE
Camelia Rata, executive director ABMEE, e-mail: camelia.rata@abmee.ro
Website: www.abmee.ro/
Lessons learnt
TRANSFERABILITY: YES, at the local level.
• individual public bodies aren't aware of their progress towards their energy efficiency targets (Art. 24)
• there are no implications to the public sector where targets are not being met (Art. 24)